Innovative Systems Launching a New Set Top Box

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Innovative Systems is preparing to launch a new video Set Top Box. The IS-5045W6 is currently in field trials and will be generally available later this year. Since the first generation IS-5112W was launched, and subsequently the IS-5041W, over 100,000 units have been sold throughout North America.

The new STB will have the same dimensions as the 5041W, but with more processing power, improved WiFi, and an optical connector port. The IS-5045W6 will continue to support the MG-TV IPTV solution and also has a routed mode to enable the unit to deliver MG-TV Live Streaming.

The dual capability of our latest STBs has been very popular for Innovative Systems video customers who are offering IPTV and streaming, or who are capping IPTV and moving over to a streaming only service. Video operators who are migrating to LIve Streaming are finding a large share of their customers who still prefer a traditional remote control experience, that can be offered with both the IS-5041W, and the IS-5045W6. Numerous operators have stated that the transition to streaming from IPTV using the Innovative STBs is unnoticed by their customers.

For further information contact your Video and Voice Sales Director and check out our new webpage where you can download all of the specs for the new STB.

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