MG-TV Live Streaming

Give Your Subscribers an App-based TV Experience

Stream Live TV Channels Over Your Managed Data Connection to Consumer Devices

Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android and iOS Devices

Having the ability to quickly ramp up an app-based HLS video streaming product without more vendors and equipment makes the most sense, and that is why we chose the Innovative MG-TV solution as a replacement for our legacy cable system.

Jarrod Hardin Foothills Communications – KY

“We appreciate how MG-TV intertwines linear video and streaming video, allowing consumers the choice to have video that best fits their lifestyle.”

Robbie Farmer SkyBest – NC

” Our customers are very happy with the features and functionality of the new MG-TV streaming service.”

Chad Mix Norvado – WI

We chose to double down on video as some companies in the region tell us that they lost 30% of their broadband customers when they dropped video.

Rod Sackrider WTC – KS

MG-TV Fully Hosted Live Streaming

A new video solution designed for service providers interested in eliminating headend costs while still providing a competitive go-to-market video solution for your customers.

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