MG-TV Hosted Live Streaming

A New Video Solution Designed to Provide a Competitive Go-To Market Video Solution

How it Works

The MG-TV Live Streaming solution is designed for service providers interested in eliminating headend costs when providing a competitive go-to market streaming video solution.

In partnership with two experienced and respected headend providers, Aureon and MVS, Innovative Systems provides the middleware solution without the expense of operating a headend

Advantages of Hosted Solution
Supported Devices
Time-Shifted Viewing Options

Advantages of a Hosted Streaming Solution

No Headend

Leverages Caching Servers for Live and Restart TV content

24/7 Support Team

Supported Devices

Amazon Fire TV

Android TV



Apple Phones and Tablets

Android Phones and Tablets


Time-shifted Viewing Options

Cloud DVR

Restart TV

Pause LiveTV

Subscription VOD

72-hour Catchup TV

And with the Fully Managed IS-5041W STB, you can offer your customers streaming with a traditional STB experience where they can use a traditional remote control.

Honestly I don’t think we would have gotten into video without the hosted model from Innovative and MVS.

Dave Pihl DFT-NY

The collaboration of Innovative Systems providing the customer experience piece along with Aureon delivering the live streaming signal from their regional headend has worked well for us.

Lori Keppler Alpine Communications-IA

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