MG-TV Hosted Live Streaming

A New Video Solution Designed to Provide a Competitive Go-To Market Video Solution

How it Works

In partnership with two experienced and respected headend providers, Aureon and MVS, Innovative Systems provides the middleware solution without the expense of operating a headend

Advantages of Hosted Solution
Supported Devices
Time-Shifted Viewing Options

Advantages of a Hosted Streaming Solution

No Headend

Leverages Caching Servers for Live and Restart TV content

24/7 Support Team

Supported Devices

Amazon Fire TV

Android TV



Apple Phones and Tablets

Android Phones and Tablets


Time-shifted Viewing Options

Cloud DVR

Restart TV

Pause LiveTV

Subscription VOD

72-hour Catchup TV

And with the Fully Managed IS-5041W STB, you can offer your customers streaming with a traditional STB experience where they can use a traditional remote control.

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