SIP ACS Server

The enterprise SIP ACS Server software from Innovative Systems can Manage Devices for your Largest Business Accounts

Our ACS device management solution supports over 100 device models from nine different companies, and you can manage up to 100,000 SIP devices.

SIP ACS Server
Key ACS Features
Centrex Provisioning
  • Enterprise Solution
  • IS Hardware or Virtual Machine
  • ACS server works on all Switch types
  • Automatic Provisioning
  • Enhanced Customer Care
  • End-user Contact Management
  • Supports PA Horns and Door Security Devices
  • Group or Individual SIP Device Management
  • Auto Provision New Subscriber Devices
  • Cloning Feature Reduces Truck Rolls
  • ACS Server Configuration device Includes an End User Web Portal
  • Delivers simplified device provisioning for IT departments at enterprise accounts.
  • Device activation at the customer level reduces support calls and onsite visits.



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