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Billing Solution for Broadband
Mapping and Mobile Apps
MG-TV Live Streaming Video

Integration = Efficiency

Our municipal finance software gives customers access to their information and control of their services.

Operate your Business from Anywhere

Mapping, troubleshooting, and device management in the hands of everyone who interfaces with customers.

MG-TV Live Streaming

MG-TV supports all major consumer devices as well as the option for a set top box, the IS-5045W6, for your customers who desire a traditional TV experience.

“We have integrated every aspect of our business and streamlined our processes. Tasks that used to take days now take hours.”

Jeremy Carroll City of Manning Iowa

I never expected the installation and deployment of this to go as quickly as it did. Once the InnoStream Video solution hardware was racked and cabled we had working video in less than a day.

Brian Langham Tullahoma Utilities Authority Tennessee

eLation is so much more than just a billing system. You’re getting all of these other facets. It’s our planning tool, our prospecting tool, our marketing tool

Scott Menhart Traverse City Light and Power Michigan

We need to take full advantage of our broadband pipe and MG-TV Streaming from Innovative will helps us serve our customers’ desire for bundled services

Hannah Moore Thomasville Georgia

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