Add new services and appropriate devices in one simple step.

The eLation service delivery software platform provides the structure and integration needed for the complexities of Broadband, Voice, and Video service delivery to customer devices.

Automated Provisioning
Outage Management
Facilities Management
Technician App

Automated Provisioning

With the eLation provisioning solution, you don’t need to hire a team of technical experts to manage customers on your growing network. Using your customized rules, CSRs, Field Techs, or other staff members can Automatically Provision your devices with the click of a button.

  • Automated disconnect/reconnect
  • Manage Customer Wi-Fi Experience
  • Auto Provision over 150 devices
  • MDU Device Manager
  • Real-time Service Change Delivery

Outage Management

Outages are detected in SDP and managed in Outage Manager. Outages can be automatically detected or manually created.

  • List and filter outages
  • Outage lists contain information such as equipment involved and customers affected
  • Provisioning platform allows multiple auto-detected outages to be merged together
  • Alerts can be configured to display outage reason

Facilities Management

With our video, cable, and voice provisioning tool, view all of your plant facilities as they are actually organized in the field. Assignment of your facilities to customer locations can be simplified with business rules that allow for auto-assignment. Allow your field technicians the ability to update plant records in real time with the use of the elation mobile app.

  • Real world data modeling
  • Facility Reporting, with the ability to pull in Billing and Mapping data
  • Real time updates to field work



Technician App

With our service delivery software, your technicians have the ability to manage and diagnose customer information in the field or at the office.

  • Customer Search
  • Manage Map Data
  • Diagnose Customer Equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Device Management
  • Can be used by helpdesk/afterhours support

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