The Case for Set-Top-Box Profitability

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In a newly developed whitepaper, Embracing the Future of the Set-Top-Box, Telecompetitor prevents some valid points as to why this often-scourged device should get a fresh look, with an eye to profitability.

For consumers, the set-top-box (STB) remains as the most important gateway for all of their video content. From the standpoint of many video operators, the STB has long been a pain point and a loss-leader to attract subscribers to their video service. In comparison to large cable providers, who charge anywhere from $9 to $12 per month for every STB rental, smaller service providers, relative to the prevailing market metrics, may be leaving too much STB rental fee money on the table.

The STB Should Fit the Consumers Lifestyle

With multiple video delivery options like live streaming and IPTV, having a device that can deliver both is a major differentiator. Streaming capabilities alone may not go far enough, what’s needed is streaming capability in routed mode, which supports HLS live streaming.

“With the same remote and STB, a customer does not need to be concerned with how the video is delivered to their home, they just want to push a button on the remote and watch TV.”

Jayson Keiper – Comm1, Iowa

This is important for video operators who desire to offer a locally branded video service with an end-goal of delivering a streaming only product. Having a STB like the IS 5041W, allows operators the ability to maintain the same zero-boot experience if they decide to totally transition to a live streaming solution for all of their customers.

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