Video Streaming

Stream Recorded Video to Your IPTV Channels

The APMAX can deliver video streams efficiently with a user friendly interface that allows you to load video files and stream them to a specific IPTV channel regardless of your other video providers.  Included tools will automatically convert most video file types to the required TS format.

How Video Streaming Works

TS videos can be uploaded to the Video Library and then single or multiple video files can be assigned to a specific IPTV video channel.  These videos can be scheduled to play at a specific time on their designated channel.  With Innovative Systems Video Middleware Solution, the video title and description will appear in the onscreen program guide.  With the use of generally available production software, service providers have the option of adding advertisements or other pertinent information to the videos before they are uploaded.

Application Examples:
  • Help Videos from Innovative Systems for your video services
  • Governmental meetings
  • Local sporting events
  • Local events
  • Service provider promotions
  • Service provider board meetings
  • Community access content


Feel free to read more about Video Streaming in our downloadable product sheet.

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