Video Monitor

Use the Video Monitor to check your Video Streams

The Video Monitor is an inexpensive, easy to deploy solution for monitoring your video channels in real time.  With a technical interface and a CSR/Support facing dashboard, this solution keeps you aware of the quality of your video service.  Innovative Systems Video Middleware customers can easily import their channel lineups into the Video Monitor.  This solution will work with any Middleware vendor.

How it Works

Specific parameters that effect the quality of your video streams can be selected by your technical group and if a video stream falls below any of these parameters an alarm will display in both the technical and CSR/Support Interfaces.  This service can also be configured to email notifications regarding alarms.  The system will check every “x” minutes and email any alarms that are active at the check interval.

CSR Interface

The Video Monitor provides snapshot info to the CSRs to assist with customer issues.  This interface will give your front line staff important information:

  • Computer Tray Warning icon
  • Channel History Snapshot
  • Quick Look-up feature
  • Read Only Interface
  • Graphic Display Alarm Segments
  • 24-hour Data Reference

Video Monitor 5

Video Monitor 6


Feel free to read more about Video Monitor in our downloadable product sheet.

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Historical Technical Data Search

The likelihood of short intermittent video issues can be problematic and the Video Monitor gives you the ability to create exportable channel reports with a couple of mouse clicks.