InnoStream Platform

This multi-purpose platform keeps your subscribers on your STB and gives them the ability to watch “just missed TV”, local content and current movies!InnoStream Logo

The InnoStream platform is more than just a server!
  • Redundancy with dual control servers
  • Scalable  with a starter system that includes two server units with Integrated Control and Media server.
  • Fault Resilient in that no single failure takes the service down!
  • Intelligent Replication includes multiple options for customer content duplication and protection.

Services Available on the InnoStream Platform Server:restart-tv-logo

– Video Middleware – Guide data, apps, recordings, and mobility

Restart TV *- Restart live programming already in progress.  PLTV available on any channel with required licensing.

– Video on Demand (VOD) – Provide viewers with a Netflix-like experience and differentiate your VOD service by offering local content.

– C3VOD * – Operator records current on-demand content and has it available to subscribers in their VOD library for time allowed by content provider.

Cloud DVR (cDVR)*- Network-based storage with no home DVR required. cDVR allows for either Shared or Private Copies to meet requirements of your content agreements.

– HLS Packager – Necessary if you want to provide subscribers live local TV streaming over data connection.  This solution supports MG-TV Live Streaming and other similar products.

Forward Error Correction (FEC) * – Counts packet errors and reduces or removes tiling and freezing.  Beneficial for xDSL, Wi-Fi, MoCA, and other in home networking solutions.

InnoCryption – A systematic approach to Digital Rights Management (DRM) for digital media using the foundation of Secure TV and integrated into our Video Middleware product using the InnoStream platform.

Enhanced Guide Data Processing – Provides greater poster coverage, advanced guide data, reduction of a vendor relationship, and a simple, straightforward pricing model.

Video Monitor and Video Streaming

– Ad Insertion

* Must have the Innovative Systems Video Middleware solution for this service.


Feel free to read more about the InnoStream Server platform in our downloadable product sheet.

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