InnoStream Video Solution

Multiple video solutions on one proven and reliable platform.

Video Middleware:
  • Integrated Subscriber Management Tools to Improve Support Efficiency
  • Offering a User Guide Experience that will meet the needs of all your subscribers
  • Industry-Leading Support Tools like the Virtual Remote™
  • Game-changing statistical data like Channels Stats
HLS Live Streaming:
  • Deliver live streaming  full-channel lineups to a variety of devices
  • Time-shifted features like Pause Live TV, Restart TV, and cDVR

Multi-Generation TV
  • A blended video product – Live Streaming and IPTV
  • Subscriber access to streaming or IPTV from the same account
InnoStream Platform:
  • Middleware
  • HLS Live Streaming
  • InnoCryption Encryption
  • Enhanced Channel Guide Data
  • Video on Demand
  • cDVR
  • Restart TV
  • Pause Live TV
Video Monitor:
  • Provides real time signal status of your video quality
  • Easily monitored by your technical and CSR staff
  • You can provide immediate response to a video outage


For more information, feel free to read more about Video Middleware in our downloadable product sheet.


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