MG-TV Blends Traditional Video and LIve Streaming

In an effort to provide the functionality desired by younger video customers without alienating older ones who want a more traditional offering, Innovative Systems has announced a Multi-Generational TV solution called MG-TV.  At this week’s Annual Video User Group Meeting, Innovative Systems CEO Roger Musick announced this integrated solution which allows the use of existing Set Top Boxes in some rooms while at the same time supporting OTT devices for other end users on the same account.

Key Support Components of MG-TV

MG-TV is administered as one system for both IPTV and OTT with APIs for automated provisioning, cloud-content administration, and reporting.  As service providers deploy revenue-generating features on devices such as Roku™ and Apple TV™, end-user support demands will increase. MG-TV has field proven support features like the Virtual Remote™, channel statistics, and network connectivity technician apps. Cost-reducing tools that are available in the MG-TV solution will provide the quality of support expected from independent communications companies.

One Platform – One Vendor

The multipurpose InnoStream™ video platform delivers all the component features for both the IPTV linear middleware and the live streaming to iOS and Android devices. This one platform, one vendor solution is ideally suited for the small and medium video providers who don’t have extra time to deal with multiple vendors and multiple video hardware systems. According to Jerry Weber, VP of Video Services at Innovative Systems, “We are integrating the customer experience and the back office on InnoStream™ to make it easier for service providers to offer a product that can be delivered to market quickly with all of the features that give rural consumers a highly competitive user experience.”

Weber adds, “Our legacy IPTV can be transformed to MG-TV in a short period of time, weeks in most cases, so when our customers feel the time is right to offer live streaming in their markets, they won’t have to wait very long.”  Weber also stresses the importance of recognizing that some consumers adapt slower to new technology, so offering a traditional linear or poster guide will help to smooth out the transition for older consumers to the new technology.