Video Marketing is a Must in 2018!

They always say statistics are for losers, but you will be losing out if you don’t budget time in 2018 for building a video content portfolio for your marketing and PR campaigns. Websites, social platforms and video ad insertion are all mediums of opportunity for one of the fastest growing marketing strategies.

Compelling Facts

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all investing more money and energy into beefing up their video capabilities. Industry experts agree that video on your website can increase the chance of front page Google results by over 50 times. Content marketing professionals believe people are ten times more likely to comment, share, embed and engage with video content than with blogs or related social posts. Consistent reports from online video providers are showing that over 60% of viewers watch more than 75% of a video.

When it Comes to Video –  Don’t

Entertain – It’s too expensive.

Sell – Customers can smell a commercial a mile away and will tune out.

When it Comes to Video – Do

Educate – Use timely topics, like a help video using web page screen captures on how to learn if your data was compromised in the Equifax disaster. Testimonials, interviewing people is not that hard, you just need to budget the time to do it, word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.

Support – Without a doubt a time saver for your customers and also your support staff. Challenge your vendors to provide help videos that you can put on your website and TV channels.

Keep It Short – Two minutes seems to be the limit, with engagement dropping significantly once you hit that threshold.

Make the Time

Many marketers we’ve talked to are excited about getting into video marketing, but say there just isn’t enough time with everything else on their plates. It might be time to push some of the less nutritious food off the plate so you have room for a strategy that is going to transform they way you reach, engage, and sell to your customers.

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