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Marketing Tips for Recruiting Employees

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Back in the day everyone wanted to work at the telephone company because of great pay, benefits, and stability. Fast forward to 2023, and those three carrots just aren’t enough, as evidenced by a look earlier this month at the NTCA Job Center. From March 1st through March 20th there are over twenty new job openings at various rural telecoms all across the US. What does it take to find, and then sign up new employees these days? Here are some quick tips on marketing your company to find that perfect employee.

  • Let HR give you a shot a writing the job opening. Many job postings are almost the same, if you want to receive applications from employees that stand out, you need to have a job listing that stands out.
  • Tout your company culture. With a competitive and level playing field, prospective employees want to work at a place where they are appreciated and free from political maneuvering to climb the corporate ladder. Craft some quotes to attest to that culture from some of your long and short tenured employees.
  • Work from home. This doesn’t work in every scenario, but even promoting a couple of days a week to WFH could make the difference.
  • Promote employee HR apps. If your billing systems offer employee mobile apps that take care of timesheets, payroll, tax forms, and time off – promote it! Having easy mobile device access to things important to them could be a differentiator.

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