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Marketing XaaS

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Long gone are the days when you can go to the store and buy a CD with the latest Windows operating system, today it is all about the subscription model. This month’s Marketing Minute will focus on some key talking points to highlight in your messaging around, Everything “as a Service” (XaaS). XaaS marketing presents a greater challenge than straight-up product marketing because there is no tangible product that you can show for XaaS marketing.

Price Declaration – One reason a business would sign on for a subscription service is to reduce large up-front costs. Creating a slide deck or brochure that neatly and simply shows monthly costs is a key element in your marketing message.

Sweeten the Deal – One of your goals is long-term recurring revenue. When you offer incentives in your messaging to sign longer term contracts, the customers can financially justify the added commitment to a longer-term deal.

Future-Proof Solution – Another way to justify XaaS is to assure the customer if technology changes or any upgrades are needed for whatever reason, they will be covered under the subscription agreement at no extra cost.

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