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Are You Thinking in the Micro-Moment?

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A number of years ago Google coined the term “Micro-Moment”, but not until recently have marketers started to investigate how to take advantage of this consumer behavior. These moments, according to Google, are times when consumers start mashing on their mobile devices to find something, do something, buy something, or learn something.  It has been determined that there are four types of micro-moments that can occur – I want to know – I want to go – I want to buy – I want to do.

How to Leverage these Moments

In order to  identify the types of queries your prospects search during their micro-moments, you need to understand their intent for searching. The best place to start is with a web analytics search to learn the search queries that are leading visitors to your website. Examples might be: Fastest Internet in (Your Town), top rated internet companies, nearby internet companies.

Top referrers are also an important analytics stat. Google and popular review sites like Yelp can help you to figure out where your prospective customers are most likely to turn during micro-moments.

Let’s say one impact micro-moment for your prospects is fastest internet in (your town). Optimize your homepage and internet landing page to include a phrase regarding fast internet in (your town)

A Google Assistant voice  search titled, “Fastest internet in a specific South Dakota city” yielded the top two results that did not match the actual top two, who both promote GIG speeds on their websites. This should serve as proof that you should take full advantage of a consumers micro-moment.

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