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How is your MarTech these days?

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This month the Marketing Minute will focus on Marketing Technology otherwise know as MarTech. You may be familiar with this acronym, but in case you’re not, MarTech is defined as technology tools that help you create, communicate, and deliver product and service offerings. Some may confuse MarTech with AdTech, but AdTech is a means of influencing buyer behavior by promoting offerings on social platforms. The following is a list of MarTech components that you should have in your toolbox:

  • Marketing Attribution – It is important to factor in both online and offline success results such as door hangers and eBlasts for example. Failure to account for both could cause you to miss out on opportunities. Marketing attribution software can help you track and monitor effectiveness.
  • Email Marketing – You are probably using this inexpensive MarTech platform today to effectively reach a targeted audience.
  • CMS – A content management system allows you to quickly create content and messaging on your website without having to rely on an outside vendor to do it for you, and in the long run less expensive.
  • Customer Experience Software – Having a way to track a customer’s interaction with your brand. This type of tool gives you the ability to test out which messaging is the most effective in an effort to personalize their experience.
  • CRM – Software that manages the customer relationship is not just for B2B anymore, and using this powerful tool for both your residential and commercial customers can generate searchable contact lists, determine where leads are in the funnel, and assess opportunity levels.

You are invited to contact Melissa Waddell or Scott Meyer if you have any marketing questions about Innovative Systems Voice and Video products at 605-995-6120

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