Marketing Minute

Leveraging Predictable Customer Inquiries

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How your front line people react to initial questions from potential customers can either sink or save the deal. They need to be armed with responses for the most predictable inquiries. And, they need to understand how to read a bit deeper into an inquiry.

If the first item a caller asks about is price, there is a good chance that this potential customer will only be your customer until the competition offers them a better deal. If the first thing a person asks about is your download speed, you could be talking to a bandwidth junkie who streams a lot of video or games. If the first thing your caller asks is about how many HD channels you offer, it is likely that they are unhappy with the competition’s HD offerings. For your front line employees to have an idea in advance of how to respond to these inquiries is very powerful and sets them up for success.

Categorizing the types of conversations you often encounter and offering the best solution based on your past experience will definitely improve your take rates and retention rates.

Consider compiling a list of predictable inquiries and create a consistent response for each of them. A way to come up with the best list and responses would be from regular staff meetings and open discussions on what people are asking at the beginning of their call to your company. Some call recording services allow you to flag recordings so this could also be a way of compiling responses that staff could be trained to respond to.

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