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B2B Marketing Trends for 2023

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This Marketing Minute will give you a fresh look at trends to help pour fuel on your business to business marketing for 2023.

Video is not just for B2C

Many of your business customers are using video themselves for explainer videos, social media videos, presentations, and testimonials. Would it not be reasonable to assume that you should market to them with video as well. Short educational video content identifying your telecom as a business technology expert would be a good place to start. The top three channels for your content delivery in B2B should be YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Social Selling

Regular posting on the traditional social platforms should part of your B2B gameplan. Informational content again is king, and don’t be afraid to share curated content from reliable sources such as the Chamber of Commerce, and others. One note on social is to not discount using the fastest growing social app in the world, TikTok. One might think this social dynamo is just for kids, but over 25% of TikTok users are over the age of 25. There is some concern by the US government that TikTok’s tracking policies may be harmful, but one certainly cannot deny the impact of the platform.

New Win PRs – Customer Spotlights

If you sign up a new customer, craft a press release and send it out to all of your local media. You may think that the media may not be interested, but many have business news features, and this may be a good fit. In your newsletters run periodic customer spotlights, they will love it, and other prospects may become interested in checking out what you have to offer.

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