BBTEL Experiencing Hosted Voice Growth

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A recent NTCA report revealed a 150% increase in hosted business VoIP lines in 2021, and Joe Lasley CO Manager at Brandenburg Communications in Kentucky is not one bit surprised. Brandenburg Communications is an eight year hosted voice pioneer in north central Kentucky and they have seen steady growth, and a migration from premise-based key systems to their hosted solution managed by the Innovative Systems SIP ACS service.

Lasley says the hosted voice service has been a very good product for Brandenburg, and today they sell very few key systems, and only to businesses who want that type of experience. For the sales team at Brandenburg, the main hosted voice selling point is the elimination of the upfront equipment costs of a key system and a consistent monthly price for the service.

The BBTEL Hosted Advantage

According to Lasley, the price model that gives customers just one price per line makes it easy for a business to calculate that the monthly cost is equal to one price times the number of phones or devices.

With the SIP ACS Service, most customer changes can be done from our office and has been a big savings on truck rolls over the last eight years.

Joe Lasley, BBTEL, Kentucky

Two popular APMax voice services that BBTEL has layed onto the hosted service is Unified Messaging and Single Number reach, and Auto Attendant that helps businesses to manage their call flows.

Advice to Others

When asked for a piece of advice to offer to others who are entering the hosted voice game, Lasley says the single price model is a huge advantage because it uncomplicates hosted for customers and makes it much easier to close sales.

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