Ribbon and APMax Address Robocall Mitigation

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With the passage of the TRACED Act and STIR/SHAKEN mandate a few years ago many rural voice providers have been scrambling to comply with FCC requirements aimed at reducing the telemarketer/robocall epidemic. Tri-County Communications Cooperative in west central Wisconsin is one such company, and they have relied on their softswitch provider Ribbon Communications and Innovative Systems to deliver key components that meet FCC compliance standards.


For STIR/SHAKEN authentication to successfully validate any untrusted calls coming into a local phone providers network, 100% of the delivery has to be over SIP, creating a huge burden of compliance. In many cases, that end to end path hits a TDM tandem switch that is owned and operated by one of the major carriers thus defeating the current STIR/SHAKEN functionality. Recognizing this challenge, the FCC has granted an extension of compliance for rural providers until 2023 if a robocall mitigation program is in place to prevent illegal robocalls from being originated on their networks.

Ribbon and Innovative Systems Provide Key Components

Tri-County has deployed the Ribbon Call Trust Solution and the Innovative Systems TCM Call Screening to protect their customers from receiving unwanted calls and their network from originating illegal calls.

“Tri-County Communications is taking their role as robocall gatekeepers very seriously,” said Scott Sobolewski, Vice President of Sales, Innovative Systems. “The combination of APMAX TCM Call Screener with Spoof Blocking, and the Ribbon Reputation Scoring service provides Tri-County’s customers the highest level of protection on the market.”

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