Texas Student Helped by MLTS 911 Notify

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An incident at a Texas Pubic School facility demonstrated how Kari’s Law, enacted by Congress back in February of 2020 is achieving it’s intended purpose.

According to Cumby Telephone Cooperative’s JD Maynard, one of the school districts that they serve with a hosted multi-line voice system had a student with a medical emergency, but it was outside one of the buildings, on the track at the school. Because the APMax MLTS 911 Notify service can be configured to add multiple administrators who will be automatically notified anytime a 911 call is placed, several school officials descended on the scene to lend assistance prior to the arrival of emergency responders. After this incident, school officials were not hesitant to praise the deployment of the service which is required for all multi-line systems installed after February 16, 2020.

MLTS 911 Notify Solves Another Problem

Another problem that has been plaguing schools for years can now be prevented with this new service, mischievous 911 calls. Maynard says that since the service notifies designated administrators the location of on- site 911 calls, any prank call location is immediately identified, and those students can be dealt with accordingly.

Overall Maynard and his customers are very satisfied with the purpose and results of this service.

APMax MLTS 911 Notify Service
Deployed at CumbyTel

Kari’s Law is named in honor of Kari Hunt, who was killed by her estranged husband in a motel room in Marshall, Texas in 2013. Ms. Hunt’s 9-year-old daughter tried to call 911 for help four times from the motel room phone, but the call never went through because she did not know that the motel’s phone system required dialing “9” for an outbound line before dialing 911.

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