MLTS 911 Notify Service

The MLTS 911 Notify Service will help meet federal regulation about providing internal dispatch location for 911 calls in multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) environments. The APMAX will provide a key notification component in conjunction with the Ribbon C-15 softswitch in order to assist emergency service to the correct location of the emergency.

Notification Details

  • The APMAX will deliver notify messages with details of the 911 call location
  • The C15 will print a message when 911 notify messages fail to send to the APMAX
  • APMAX logs deliver information about provisioning as well as 911 calls

APMAX UI Configuration:

The MLTS 911 Notify Service is configured in the APMAX UI by the service provider. It is also configurable via the E911 Web Portal for end-users who want to manage their own MLTS Notify information and relieve service providers of customers that make frequent changes.

System Requirements:

  • APMAX Base Platform 4.6 or newer
  • NineOneOneNofication 1.07+
  • SS7 connectivity
  • Ribbon C15 Rel 16 Patch 3 bundle or C15 Rel 17