IS Video Newsletter Top Stories of 2023

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IS Video Solutions newsletter readers took particular interest in the number of video operators who have chosen to move from IPTV to Live Streaming for their video service offerings.

Three of the top five stories came from video operators who have all capped their IPTV and are now exclusively offering live streaming to new customers. For some of them, it will be a gradual push to move everyone to streaming while others have done full cutovers to a full lineup of local and cable channels.

Here are the links to the top five:

#5 – Partnership launch of CLEC Succeeds with video as part of their bundle.

#4 – Large regional BSP needs video to compete against bundled Cable operators.

#3 – Unknown to their customers, Coop switches from IPTV to Live Streaming.

#2 – Ten member video group commits to Live Streaming video conversion.

#1 – Innovative Systems rolls out a new Streaming/IPTV Set Top Box.

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