Ten Member Telecom Group Adding MG-TV Live Streaming

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In 2010, the Northern Iowa Communications Partners group (NICP) rolled out IPTV service which allowed the group to migrate customers from the older analog and digital broadcast TV services. Later this year this ten member rural partnership will be launching the MG-TV Live Streaming service from Innovative Systems.

Like many telecommunications cooperatives around the country, General Manager John Noah of Terrill Telephone, and one of the partners in NICP, says upgrading their video service is more about commitment to their members than it is about generating revenue. For Noah and the other NICP members, demographics plays a big part in their video plan as they are staying committed to IPTV for customers who still desire a traditional Set Top Box/Remote Control, but recognizing that others in their northwest Iowa territory prefer to have just a streaming device for their video service. Noah believes that while their video service is more expensive than the likes of YouTube TV, rural consumers still appreciate that personal touch when it comes to service.

Even though they share the content, NICP’s member companies still offer the video service as if it is their own service. Noah says it is a lot of extra work making sure the contracts are all in line with the content programmers, but it makes this group of companies independent operators, which is appreciated by their customers.

All-In with Innovative Systems

NICP launched their IPTV using Innovative Systems over ten years ago and Noah says it made total sense to add MG-TV live streaming eliminating the need to have two separate vendors. According to Noah, having a video vendor that they have counted on for over ten years has meant alot to the group, and they are looking forward to the upcoming launch of the live streaming solution before the end of the year.

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