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For many, living on a beautiful Pacific island is a bucket list dream, but for the residents of American Samoa this is where they live and work, and they consume video just like everyone else.

Recently Bluesky Moana TV made the decision to go with the Innovative Systems Multi-Generation video solution to serve this island nation, a US territory located 2,300 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Why Innovative Systems?

According to Technical Manager of Data and Content Timothy Verma, Innovative Systems offered the most advanced roadmap for video delivery that would serve Bluesky’s interest for their long term goals. Verma said this move will future-proof their video as they continue to serve traditional IPTV customers, with a long term goal of full transition to live streaming of their video product. Bluesky CTO Stuart Fong added, “The technology change not only gave us new marketable features, it also enabled us to be free from our traditional coax delivery method and has enabled alternative IP delivery methods to our customers. This has resulted in an increase of our service penetration from 65% to 92% of the population.”

Six Hour Time Difference

For Verma and his team, having a single vendor point-of-contact for most of the video delivery components was attractive given their location that is so far west, the international dateline is the next closest time zone. The Innovative Systems Midwest-based support team is already six hours into their day before the Bluesky team clocks in, but Verma says there has been excellent rapport and responsiveness between the two. Given their location, Bluesky works with different vendors all over the world, and Verma says Innovative has proven themselves up to the task with responsive support action.

Verma says they have been able to resolve around 85% of the customer support calls, without onsite service calls, which is a testament to the Innovative Systems support tools.

Verma reports that the customer experience feedback on the Innovative Systems video solution is similar to the mainland US, as the residents really like Restart TV. Many of Bluesky’s turn-ups to the new video service are on MG-TV Live Streaming, and Verma says they are pleased at how quick and easy it is to activate the app-based video service.

Verma advises any companies looking at upgrading their video service to fully vet their vendors, and look for companies that can provide as many components in a one-stop solution. This has been important for Bluesky as they have a need for operating as efficiently as possible, and consolidation into more single-vendor solutions is the best path moving forward.

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