Video Middleware – Support Tools

No extra hardware or software is needed to quickly address customer service questions or issues.

Virtual Remote:
  • Achieve customer satisfaction by resolving their issue during the initial call
  • CSR’s can take over a customer’s remote control through the InnoStream UI
  • Walk customers through a guide question without a service call
  • Integrated with InnoStream Video Middleware and eLation Billing Software
  • Reduces truck rolls
  • Save everyone time and money

User Interface Report Writer:
  • A fully integrated subscriber management system
  • Generate reports on the channels that your customers are viewing
  • With a couple of mouse clicks, gather important subscriber information
  • Improve administrative efficiency
STB Monitor and Control Web/Mobile Application
  • Allows technicians to view STB information, monitor metrics, and control STB WiFi operation remotely
  • Assist in installation and troubleshooting of STBs
  • Save operator time, expenses and resources
Other Support Tools to Better Serve your Customers:
  • Backup/Restore STB Settings – Backup or restore all STB settings in the case of a DVR/STB swap out
  • STB Audit – Gives information about the health of deployed STBs
  • Boot-up Trouble Screens – Will only appear if trouble occurs

Admin Menu:
  • STB Diagnostic Tools
  • Bandwidth Tester
  • Technician can access on site
One Vendor – One Support Group
  • All upgrades and support from Innovative Systems
  • Extensive testing with an in-house Video Headend


For more information, feel free to read more about Video Middleware in our downloadable product sheet.

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