Multi Generation TV (MG-TV)

Powered by the InnoStream™ platform, MG-TV is a complete solution with everything required for an economical integrated OTT and video solution that is easy to deploy, support, and use – the best of both worlds!

Innovative Systems’ Multi Generation TV (MG-TV) provides and will evolve the functionality desired by young people today without alienating end-users that desire a more traditional interface and remote controls.  It includes a conventional video solution and streaming video components in one integrated platform.

Important factors in our solutions to consider when choosing a vendor include:

  • Ease of installation and upgrades
  • Virtual remote controls, remote logging, and troubleshooting tools
  • Integrated reporting and monitoring including channel statistics, network connectivity tools, and diagnostics from end-to-end
  • Integrated APIs for integration with billing systems
  • cDVR, Restart, Pause Live TV, VOD, Innocryption, and other needed features on reliable & reasonably priced & scalable hardware and software like provided on our InnoStream™

How does MG-TV complete our Video offering?  It includes:
  • Cloud-based content management
  • Low cost local Transcoders
  • Ad Insertion
  • Support for tablets and phones (iOS and Android), AppleTV, and Roku (with additional device support coming soon)