ImOn Freedom Video Service Launches in Iowa

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As Iowa communications provider ImOn continues to build out their fiber network into new Iowa communities, they recognize the importance of having a video option for customers, and have selected MG-TV Live Streaming from Innovative Systems as the customer experience platform for their ImOn Freedom Video brand.

ImOn does not want the lack of having a good video product get in the way of their ability to penetrate new markets and that is why they made an investment in upgrading and launching a full-channel live streaming line-up branded as ImOn Freedom Video. Moving forward new fiber to the home customers will be able to purchase the ImOn Freedom Video product. During ImOn’s aggressive fiber expansion they found a measurable number of homeowners who have a video service bundled with another provider that were not willing to separate the two services. This supports the 2022 Video and Broadband study on Rural America that shows over 75% of those who have a local video service, have it bundled with their internet.

Proprietary Streaming Set Top a Key Factor in ImOn’s Vendor Choice

One of the determining factors in choosing MG-TV Live Streaming from Innovative, was the availability of the IS-5041W Set Top Box that gives customers the option of a traditional linear experience.

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