Set Top Box Aids Streaming TV Conversion

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Long time IPTV video provider Norvado based out of Cable WI is moving towards a streaming only video service and they are using the IS-5041W Set Top Box to ease the transition for their existing IPTV customers. According to Chief Marketing Officer Leo Carlson, the NorvadoTV streaming service was launched last month and will be the only video service offered moving forward. Customers who subscribe to NorvadoTV can also use their favorite consumer streaming devices to connect with the new service. The advantage of having the Innovative Systems STB is that Norvado can connect it to the new streaming service and the customer will have the same remote and guide interaction that they have had with their IPTV service.

The MG-TV Live Streaming platform is providing the customer experience for the NorvadoTV brand and according to their Marketing Director Chad Mix, customers are very happy with the features and functionality of the new streaming service.

Helping Customers Adapt to Streaming Video

Carlson says that it’s important to take a lead position in educating customers when it comes to streaming, and the Norvado team is working towards creating tutorial collateral to help with that process. If a service provider wants to stay in the video business, but move to streaming, education is vital for the core of older customers that many rural video operators serve today.

The goal for Norvado is to have broadband as their lead product, and they want to keep customers informed on all the different streaming options available. Norvado bundles phone and internet with a live streaming video package of local channels, and then gives customers a monthly credit towards other popular streaming services of their choice.

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