FusionTV+ Live Local Streaming Launched in Iowa

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As rural customers continue to evolve their video viewing behaviors, northeastern Iowa video provider Alpine Communications has recently launched their FusionTV+ live streaming service. Powered by the Innovative Systems MG-TV solution, this new service according to Alpine Customer Service Manager Lori Keppler, will ultimately be replacing their legacy IPTV service. Keppler stressed that there is no hard timeline for the discontinuation of their IPTV product, but any new customers will receive FusionTV+ that can be viewed on Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku consumer devices.

Alpine Values Customer Feedback

Every Alpine customer is not going to desire an app-based video service, and because of their strong commitment to the needs of the communities they serve, Alpine plans on working with each individual regarding the type of TV experience that they desire. The customers will have a full-range of options based on their needs, with Restart TV, Cloud DVR, and multiple levels of programing packages, from a competitively priced skinny local lineup all the way up to their Premier lineup with over 110 channels.

Alpine appreciates the collaboration of Innovative Systems providing the customer experience piece along with Aureon delivering the live streaming signal from their regional headend.

Continued Commitment to Video

While the video space is somewhat crowded in their marketplace, Keppler says that the Alpine brand of customer service is a real differentiator from the other companies, and they have no intention of getting out of video or discontinuing their high level of service to their customers.

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