Human Interest Marketing

One developing trend that can strengthen your brand is making human connections between your employees and your customers. Rohit Bhargava’s new book, Non Obvious New Trends for 2019, lists RetroTrust as a trend for those unsure of whom to trust. Bhargava says today there is a tendency for consumers to look to brands that have a legacy, or those with which they have a personal history.

How and Where

Here is an example of one of our employee spotlights so you can see the type of things that your customers might want to know about your employees.

Besides the obvious social mediums, try an employee spotlight in your newsletters. You could also make a banner ad on your website featuring an employee, and then a landing page link to the story that could be tracked to see if people are checking it out.   You could also do ad inserts on your video channels, with a theme centered around – local company, local support by your friends and neighbors at ABC Telecom.

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