Handling Negative Comments on Social Media


Many are still trying to decide if the return from Social Media is worth the effort, but some service providers stay away from it for the fear of negative comments.  Delta’s handling of negative feedback on their  Facebook account was recently brought to my attention regarding the air carriers refusal to respond to any negative comments.  I was wondering how a company who’s business is ripe for negative comments could get away with NEVER responding to a negative comment.  I started surfing through their comments and found while they have over 1.4 millions Likes and over 3 million Visits, I was only able to find two  posted negative comments in the first 8 days of June!

A Delta rep responds to nearly every positive comment, but they never respond to a negative one.  By nosing around on Delta’s website you can find an “explanation” as to why they don’t respond to negative Facebook comments. Delta claims on the company’s About tab on their website, “Due to privacy we are unable to respond via Facebook to complaints concerning a difficulty or problem using a Delta service.”  They direct consumers to a “contact us” webpage.

Lesson Learned – Take it Offline

If you are concerned about negative feedback on your social media accounts why not take a page out of Delta’s playbook and direct your customers to a web form or email address. By continuing the conversation on your own Facebook page or Twitter account you are airing potentially dirty laundry for all your customers to see!

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