Consumer Reviews – The Good and The Bad


Thanks to the likes of review-centric websites like  Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp and many others, customer reviews have gotten more important for local businesses over the years.

Consumer Review Sites….Double Edged Sword

We have all heard stories about reviews that  are fabricated to inflate or deflate a consumer’s opinion. Keep in mind that as these review sites have evolved there are many more safeguards in place to prevent false testimony.  Consumers also have learned how to sift the “wheat from the chaff”, recognizing real reviews from fake ones.

Reviews have been proven to shorten the sales cycle and raise awareness of exceptional products and service. If a business does not have the confidence that they can provide a product or service that will  receive reviews that far outweigh negative ones, it would be better to stay out of this arena.

Best Review Website for Local Business  

Yelp has consistently stood out  as  one of the most widely used online search and review services among consumers who are looking for services from local businesses.

Yelp is much more aggressive in the way they deal with fake reviews compared to Google. 

Having your business easily available for consumer reviews puts you in a glass house, but it can also give you word of mouth momentum that has proven to increase revenue!

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