Restart TV

Running a little late and missed the beginning of your show…Restart it!

The Restart TV service allows subscribers to Restart a TV program that is already in progress.  Or if they are browsing channels and see a show they wanted to watch that has already begun, they can Restart it and watch it from the beginning.

Restart TV:
  • Gives your subscribers flexibility with their TV program viewing and schedule
  • Allows your subscribers to Restart a show already airing by the press of one button
  • Permits use of DVR functions – pause, rewind, and fast forward
  • Differentiates your service from cable and satellite.
Restart TV in the Program Guide and Browser Bar

Restart TV programming is indicated by the green and white Restart icon in the the Browser Bar.  Or you can highlight the program in the on-screen program guide and press the GREEN button on the remote control to Restart and watch from the start.

Restart TV in browser bar - cropped

Restart TV in the What’s Hot App

All Restart TV programs are indicated by the green and white Restart icon next to the channel information.  Highlight a program and press the GREEN button on the remote control to tune to the program and watch it from the start.

Restart in What's Hot - cropped


Feel free to read more about Restart TV in our downloadable Video Middleware Brochure.

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*Restart TV requires an InnoStream Server and approval from content owners for implementation on their channels. * Use of DVR functions in Restart TV programming is dependent on agreements with content providers.