Web Portal

 Now Redesigned in HTML5 – Responsive and Faster!

APMAX Web Portal is a subscriber web page interface for easy administration of essential Voice and IPTV services.
Online Administration for:

This 24/7 subscriber managed feature can reduce support calls for service settings and password resets. Because the APMAX has built-in redundant web servers, you do not need to purchase additional servers or equipment.

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ManageMyNotify – ManageMyVMail Mobile Apps

notifyvmailmmvm html final

For mobile business people ManageMyNotify allows them the flexibility of recording announcements and activating notification jobs anywhere! From their Smartphones or Tablets, Unified Messaging subscribers can delete, play or save voice messages. Any changes that subscribers make are transmitted directly to the APMAX and are effective immediately.


For more information, feel free to read about Web Portal in our downloadable product sheet.


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