Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging is defined as a managed notification solution for all of a subscriber’s telephony devices; voice mail to e-mail, text message notification,  and web portal subscriber management. Innovative Systems has deployed millions of voice mail licenses, being one of the first to offer voicemail to e-mail. With Unified Messaging on the APMAX, redundant message storage and Automated Attendant are included at no extra charge!

Customize Packages to Fit your Business and Residential Customers

With over 50 different features, APMAX Unified Messaging allows you to create solutions for virtually any client need, from specific custom greetings for specific callers to outdial options to toll numbers!  Check out our feature list.

Online Management Capability

The Web Portal option gives your customers access and administrative control of their Voice Messages.

 IPTV Message NotificationUnified Messaging

Service providers offering Innovative Systems Video Middleware can deliver voice messages that subscribers can listen to or view on their televisions!

Now Available – Voice to Text Conversion  and ManageMyVMail Options

APMAX can convert voice messages to text for delivery to Wireless devices and e-mail clients. Check out our ManageMyVMail Apps in the Google Market Store and at I-Tunes.

 Unified Messaging

Voice Mail to e-Mail

Converts messages to an MP3 file and e-mails them to single or multiple e-mail addresses. Customers can listen and remove the message and message waiting indication from their line without having to call into the APMAX system.

Unified Messaging

Built-In Automated Attendant Functions

Allows subscribers to define as many levels of menu options as desired. A must have feature for your hosted business offering. Check out this product sheet for more details.

Scalable, Reliable, Compatible Service

APMAX provides a central office grade platform providing up to 384 SIP or DS-0 channels and approximately 29,000 hours of redundant message storage. Unified Messaging is scalable, allowing you to have from 100 to 100,000 mailboxes.

Outstanding Conversion and Support

If you are replacing a Voice Mail system, often we can automate the conversion of subscriber information (telephone number and voice mail package) in preparation for the cutover. We also provide technical support and marketing support to help you along the way.


For more information, feel free to read about Unified Messaging in our downloadable product sheet.


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