Work From Home is not Going Away

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Except for an ocassional outbreak, COVID is not much of a talker these days, but the greatest global pandemic in modern-day history has left its mark on many things, including work from home.

The number of people working remotely has fallen since the height of COVID pandemic, but is still far higher than pre-pandemic levels. According to the annual rural broadband and video study which asked, “Do you or does someone in your household work from home, either full time or some of the time?” Overall 29% of rural Americans worked from home in 2024 compared to 33% in 2023.

Broken down by demographics, over one-third, 36% of 18-54 year olds, perform some or all of their work duties from their homes. It would be understandable that this measurable number of WFH’ers would have a level of dissatisfaction with their internet connectivity at home. The study validates this with 29% saying they would like faster internet and would be willing to pay for it.

How much more?

On average dissatisfied rural Americans are willing to pay $83 per month for faster internet.

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