2024 SIP ACS Device Report

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The Poly brand now a part of HP has continued to dominate SIP phone deployments in rural America. The 2024 SIP ACS device report compiles data from over 114 voice service providers connected to over 24,000 specific SIP devices managed by the Innovative Systems SIP ACS software solution.

Interestingly enough, none of the 12 Poly IP phones in the top 25 are available through the manufacturer but are still being offered by various third parties.

The most widely deployed model of the top 25 is still being offered on the Grandstream website, the GXP2160. Yealink has three SIP phones currently available on their site, T33g, T46U, and the T54W.

Even though many of the top 25 are still available, it is not in the best interests of your customers to acquire manufacturer-discontinued SIP phones and add them to your network. Down the road, there could be potential firmware and security issues for devices not in the manufacturer’s current inventory. If you currently have the Innovative Systems SIP ACS and desire to get new devices approved please contact your voice and video sales director.

Algo Expands Hosted Solutions

Algo horns, audio alerters, and door phones are improving the ability of voice providers to give the business community more diverse SIP managed options. While not in the top 25, the report indicates there are nine different Algo device models deployed giving voice service providers an ever-increasing role as communications solutions providers. The Algo Audio Alerter 8180 G-2 is the most deployed speaker horn according to the report.

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