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For nearly a decade the WC Real Estate Agency in Blair Nebraska has relied on APMax to deliver a one-two punch in voice notification for their nine person team of realtors.

One of the WC agents, Tim Kaup, was also an Network Engineer for voice provider American Broadband, and took on the responsibility for configuring APMax Auto Attendant, and Single Number Find Me to keep the WC agents connected to customers anytime, anywhere.

How it Works – Auto Attendant

Incoming calls to the WC Agency main office number go right into the Auto Attendant, giving callers the option of selecting different divisions of their real estate business. If you would like to hear their Auto Attendant announcement, call 402-426-2600.

How it Works – Find Me service

The second piece of the solution ties together multiple Find Me groups directed out of Auto Attendant. The first Find Me group is the agent or agents who are in the office for their scheduled on-duty time to take incoming calls. If an agent or agents in this first group do not answer after a configured number of rings, then Find Me will connect with the other agents’ cell phone numbers who are not in the office.

Lesson Learned

This solution allows new prospects who call the agency to always have access to a live realtor, which can make a big difference. Kaup says if a consumer is interested in buying or selling property, and they don’t get a person to talk to, they will just call another real estate office. Kaup’s expertise in telephony and networking was crucial in providing this solution that has been very successful and has made WC Real Estate one of the top agencies in Blair Nebraska. The valuable lesson learned in this case study is that you can use APMax voice solutions to make businesses more efficient and keep them connected with their customers.

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