CSR Training Helps Customers with Scam Calls

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When residents who are customers of Focus Broadband call for help with telemarketers and scam callers, the CSR staff is trained to have a situation in hand that can alleviate the situation quickly.

According to CO Manager Jeff Stutts, he gets requests for more licenses of the APMax TCM service as the front line staff at this southeastern North Carolina voice provider are using it to block numbers from unwanted scam callers.

When the service is ordered for the first time, the support staff can just add to a Blocked list any annoyance numbers that customers are receiving, and then the service can be configured to challenge any future out-of-area calls with the message, “This number does not accept calls from Telemarketers”. If you are not a Telemarketer press 1”. Given that over ninety percent of telemarketer calls are automated, there will be no response to the challenge and the call will be dropped without ringing the customers phone, problem solved.

Staff Training is Key

If you work on the technical side of your company and currently have TCM or some other type of call blocking service, it would be beneficial to make sure that the front line CSRs know it’s capabilities so that they can offer it as a problem solver for your customers. It has been reported on PR Newswire that Americans received nearly 4 billion robocalls in May, and consumers are on track to get 48 billion robocalls by the end of the year. Helping to solve this huge problem can lie in the hands of your inbound call teams, if they know you have a solution to offer.

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