South Slope Forges Strong Partnership in Rural Broadband

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Customers and Employees Benefit from Improved Efficiencies

For more than 60 years, South Slope Cooperative Communications has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge communications to its members. As technology leaders in their community, South Slope had outgrown the operation support system they’d been using for nearly a decade. They actively sought a solution that would help them integrate their existing business applications and improve service to their members.

Our South Slope case study demonstrates the value you can derive from working with knowledgeable and experienced partners.

In this case study, we examine:

  • The advantages of implementing the right software quickly to accommodate rapid expansion
  • The value of joining forces with experienced partners you know you can trust
  • The value of improved Customer Experience and increasing NPS by 17%
  • The challenges that come with poor system integration

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“Being able to automate so many of our operations has had direct benefit to our bottom line. Being able to effectively use the system we’ve purchased has a notable impact on how we take care of our customers.”

Chuck Deisbeck, Chief Executive Officer, South Slope Cooperative Communications

South Slope Cooperative Communications Headquarters, Iowa

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