KanOkla Networks Partners with Innovative Systems and Implements eLation (OSS/BSS)

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KanOkla Networks, is built around the core belief that people need better access to broadband. As a telecommunications provider in Kansas and Oklahoma, KanOkla Networks continues expansion efforts as they continue their mission of offering better access to broadband for rural Kansas and Oklahoma.

Their core beliefs explain, “We believe in adaptability and in today’s society, it’s impossible to do that without a strong internet connection. We are committed to bringing that to our neighboring communities of Wellington, Medford, and Cherokee.” KanOkla has selected Innovative Systems to partner with as their OSS/BSS provider.

Everything from the mapping tools to the user-friendly apps to the intercompany accounting automation has allowed us to lighten the load on humans in the office so we can better serve our customers.”

Dave Nance – KanOkla Networks

Dave Nance, KanOkla’s Chief Operating Officer, talks partnership and a customer-focused future. “KanOkla chose to partner with Innovative Systems to take advantage of the efficiencies and automation provided by both eLation Billing and eLation Financials. Automating our processes have helped us spread the workload, eliminate bottlenecks, and allow customers more control over their accounts.

About KanOkla                                                                             

KanOkla offers customers internet, voice and managed IT services. They also have a full design studio and print shop. KanOkla has been serving customers since 1951 and is headquartered in Caldwell, Kansas. Most recently, KanOkla has continued their expansion efforts to include Wellington, Medford and Cherokee. KanOkla is a Smart Rural Community and has founded a community program, focusing on highlighting those that are improving the quality life, sustainability or growth for rural Kansas and Oklahoma Visit their website.

About Innovative Systems                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Innovative Systems is a mission-critical enterprise software that enables independent service providers to seamlessly manage their business, deliver modern network services, and reduce operating costs. Our core products include eLation™, a market-leading Billing & Operations Support System (BSS/OSS), InnoStream™ Multi-Generation TV (MG-TV), a streaming video solution, and APMax™, a hardware and software Voice over IP (VoIP) platform. Based in Mitchell, South Dakota, Innovative Systems is proud to enable connectivity to enrich lives across the country, including delivering outstanding service to our Telecom, Cable, Municipality, Power, and Utility customers and their constituents. The Innovative Systems Print Division is a full-service printing company specializing in print services for the telecommunications and utilities industries. For more information, visit,      

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