Connect all of your emergency responders quickly the instant a call is received.
The Way it Works  Firebar

When a call is placed to the designated emergency response number the call is routed to the APMAX and activates the Firebar Service. As responders answers the call, they are immediately conferenced into the Firebar call. The conference remains in progress until everyone leaves the call.

Fully Redundant System

In the emergency service business failure is not an option and the carrier grade APMAX includes standard redundancy with no additional hardware or server purchase required.


The APMAX provides ample scalability with Firebar supporting up to 64 Firebars, with up to 128 responder DNs per conference and a maximum of 256 responder DNs in simultaneous conferences.



Our International Airport uses Firebar once a week, and we are very pleased with how fast it is to reach the 911 center, the fire department, and the runway maintenance personnel.”  Click Here for the full Story.


Bob Meagher, SRT, Minot ND

Recording Capability

Firebar can be configured to record calls initiated through the service. This recording in a .wav file and can be  e-mailed  or retrieved from the APMAX by the service provider.

Firebar Report Generator

E-mail the reports to designated administrators. Log files are available showing the participant activity and color coded reporting on who responded to the Firebar call.


For more information, feel free to read more about Firebar in our downloadable product sheet.

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