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eLation Mobile Apps Enable Customer Service and Fiber Network Expansion for NCTC

NCTC North Central serves their Tennessee network with high-speed broadband, as well as meaningful community involvement. In 2022 NCTC celebrated the milestone of building a fully fiber-to-the-home network. This network reaches farmers who can use the technology to increase productivity, hospitals who have expanded their services using telehealth and schools that create online educational opportunities and support. Jenny Trent, Software Business Analyst at NCTC discusses how enterprise software enables them to deliver exceptional broadband service to over 20,000 subscribers, with fewer than 100 employees.

NCTC operates their network on the eLation platform, relying on Mobile Apps to enable connectivity across their serving area. Trent discusses how eLation Mobile Apps are integral to their central office and field teams. NCTC, “utilizes all of the Apps. [They] have made us more efficient.”  Installs and repairs are completed within the App in real-time. Technicians can easily document comments and notes about orders or trouble tickets, improving cross-team communication. The Technician App also provides insight into outages within the network to help diagnose where an issue stems from.

Trent also explains how Mobile Apps “have been a big help for inventory, because our technicians can actually move that inventory while on premise with that customer.” This eliminates physical inventory issues and helps technicians quickly track when a piece of equipment was taken off the truck.

One of the most recent updates to the platform is a mapping integration that NCTC uses for directions when out in the field. App users can click on a customer location in the App and view driving directions. Per Trent, “that is that’s a big deal not only for our technicians, but even our sales force. Because when they’re out, looking for new customers or reaching out to new customers, they have the ability to use the directions as well.” Increasing field productivity for all by maximizing the time between appointments is vital for NCTC.

NCTC trusts eLation’s Enterprise Support Team and values having a software partner to help support their business. Trent’s “experience with the eLation support team is amazing. If I do have an issue, I have no issue reaching someone for a response immediately. I can’t say enough good about the support team because they are top notch for me.”

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