Set Top Box Bridging the IPTV to Live Streaming Gap

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Adolf “Toto”, and Dorothy “Dottie” Zoss have been married for over sixty years and they say don’t let the technology scare you, “just try it”. The senior couple and loyal cooperative members of Santel Communications were early adopters of the Internet because they had a Pheasant hunting service and said it was necessary to network with out-of-state hunting prospects.

Dottie says getting started on the internet was the biggest challenge, but with the help of Santel she was able to learn some basics and says it was fairly smooth sailing after that. For her peers, Dottie suggests becoming very familiar with the “back” button and just click on that if you get stuck.

Conversion To Live Streaming Unnoticeable

When asked what adjustments had to be made when Santel switched their IPTV to live streaming they said that didn’t know that it happened. Santel is currently using the Innovative Systems Set Top Boxes that allow delivery for both MG-TV IPTV, and MG-TV Live Streaming. Scott Sobolewski VP of Sales at Innovative Systems says having a multi-purpose Set Top Box is a win for service providers and their customers. In most cases switching the box to streaming mode can be done without a truck roll, and the customer can enjoy the same experience and use the remote they have been accustomed to.

Both Toto and Dottie agree that keeping up with technology is important for older ones because it is a part of everyday living.

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