Single Number Service

With Single Number Service You Keep Your Home and Cell Phone Numbers Private

Callers dialing one published number can reach up to 9 wireless or wireline numbers simultaneously or in sequence. Calls can be directed to your home, office or mobile phones. If the numbers on the list are called but no-one answers, the system may route the call to Voicemail.

Intelligent Service

The Single Number Service can be set to alert the caller that it is attempting to locate the subscriber by announcing “Attempting to locate (name here). Please stay on the line.” With configurable call verification, Single Number Service announces “I have a call for (name here*). If that   person   is available at this number, press ‘1’. Otherwise, hang up.” It is also possible to configure the service to operate only during specific times of the day.

Click Here if you would like to read an SNS Case Study.

Online Subscriber Management

With a touch on a mobile phone or with a single mouse click from the Web Portal, subscribers can activate or deactivate specific numbers from the hunt sequence without losing all the data associated with the number.

Unlimited Business Applications
  • Solution to Replace Off – Premise Extensions
  • Connects Published Numbers to Wireless Numbers
  • Connectivity Tool for Traveling Sales Reps
  • Integrates with APMAX Unified Messaging
Unique Transfer Feature

If you have just taken a call on your office phone and you need to leave the building, but you need to finish your conversation. With Single Number Service, simply press *1-9 to transfer the call to your wireless phone and you are free to go. This feature can be configured to 9 different numbers.


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