Notify Plus

Over 200 Service Providers Have Deployed Notify Plus!

Non-Pay Reminders – Meeting Reminders – Weather Cancellations – Service Changes and Outages – Appointment Reminders – You or your subscribers can use Notify Plus as a powerful automated messaging service that will deliver phone calls,  e-mails and even text messages!

Sell Notify Plus as a Survey or Polling Service

Surveys and polling ?’s can be tabulated based on the call recipients phone key pad response. Once the poll or survey is complete administrators can receive an emailed spreadsheet with the results. Example: “Press 3 if you want Monday delivery,4 if  you want Tuesday delivery or 5 if you want Wednesday delivery.”

Call Transfer Delivers Response-Fast!

Notify Plus call recipients can also press a digit on their wireless or wireline phones that will transfer the recipient to a live operator or automated bill pay system. Example:” Press 1 now and you will be transferred to a live operator.”

Completion Reports to Track Job Effectiveness

Contact Lists and Pre-Recorded Messages

Subscribers can have multiple phone books containing 1000s of phone numbers, text or e-mail addresses with the ability to make toll calls. Announcement libraries can be recorded through the telephone IVR service, from the Web Portal, or your mobile devices.

Customer Care On the Go With Notify Plus Mobile App Optionsch-2
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Pick Announcements
  • Record Announcements
  • Insert Text Messages
  • Stop and Start  Jobs


For more information, feel free to read more about Notify Plus in our downloadable product sheet.

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