Most Popular Streaming Services for 2024

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Over eight hundred rural Americans responded to their streaming service preferences in the annual rural video study which shows a continued fragmentation of the streaming market.

As you can see from this infographic, thirteen different streaming services received at least a 9% share of the OTT streaming market.

What is interesting to note as evidenced by this graphic below, is that five years ago there were only three services that generated any measurable share of the OTT streaming market.

Conclusion – App Fatigue

This research validates what many consumers struggle with, too many choices, and too much time to find something to watch. Last year according to a Nielsen report, the average time it took someone to settle on a program to watch had risen to more than 10 minutes from a little over seven minutes in 2019.

This trend cropped up in Europe in 2022 from a study done by Bango, where 78% of their 2,500 consumers surveyed stated they would like a single platform to manage all of their OTT subscriptions. The study dug further as 63% of OTT subscribers said they would pay for more subscriptions if they came as part of a centralized super bundle. As we meditate on this feedback it seems like consumers want to pick up a remote, view some sort of guide, and then make a decision to watch something without having to put much thought into it; kind of sounds familiar.

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