2024 Will Break Political Ad Spend Record

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Despite the shift in viewing behaviors, when it comes to ad spending live TV is where it’s at for political advertising.

According to a recent LA Times story, it is projected that ad dollars spent on securing votes will reach $17 billion dollars, with the vast majority of it going to Cable, IPTV, and local live streaming providers. The catalyst for this bounty in 2024 is a highly competitive national presidential race, and regionally there will be 435 congressional seats, 33 U.S. Senate campaigns, and 14 state governor elections.

Ad Insertion Will Also Win Big

The dollars spent won’t be limited to the major broadcast networks according to Andy Pepper, President of ICAN Advertising, a company that represents the advertising interests of independent video providers throughout the US. Pepper says, “If the Iowa Caucus is any indicator, 2024 will be a strong political year for cable ad insertion.”

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